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Residency Director

In 2002, the Regional Residency Network (RRN) was created by the commission to provide residents in NCOPE's residency programs with information provide them assistance and monitor their residency progress and report issues of concern to NCOPE. The program has proven to be extremely successful. It became evident that the residency sites and specifically the directors would benefit from a level of networking as well. At the start of 2005 the Director's Regional Network (DRN) was created. The Network Directors are ABC-certified individuals that have an accredited NCOPE residency program and or years of experience as a residency director.

In 2012, the committee's goal changed after NCOPE implemented competency based standards for the residency program. The RRN's goal is to advise NCOPE on residency program issues and provide feedback to NCOPE based on information and trends currently being tracked by NCOPE.

NCOPE believes the advantages of this program are as follows:

  • Creates link between NCOPE and the local "grass roots" residency programs
  • Helps with defining what the expectations are for the residency director and residency site
  • Allows for a feedback mechanism for directors

2019 Regional Residency Network (RRN)

Alicia Davis, CPO, FAAOP

Robert S. Lin, CPO, FAAOP

Donald Shurr, CPO

Miguel Mojica, CPO

Karl Barner, CPO

William Beiswenger, CPO, FAAOP

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