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Frequently Asked Questions

Residency Recommendations

I am looking for a residency; can you offer any advice to advance my search? Do you know of any companies looking to hire?
There are several ways to search for a residency:
  • Create an account in OPRESCAS to search for sites that are hiring.
  • Search the list of residency programs by state via the NCOPE website. Click on the state of interest and see all accredited programs in that State. Contact information is provided for each program so a prospective resident may inquire about a residency program’s current hiring status.
  • Consult the 2017/2018 Former NCOPE Resident Networking Directory. It can give you an idea which companies have taken residents in the past few years. If there is a company you are interested in, you can contact a past resident to learn more about his or her experience. This directory is updated yearly—usually in February or March.
  • Use the directory search on the ABC website and the BOC website to find O & P facilities in a particular area and contact them to see if they have a residency program.
  • If you have narrowed your search to a particular company, you may contact the Regional Residency Liaison for that region to see if he/she can put you in touch with a current resident at that site to find out about that resident's experience.
What are some things I need to know when looking for a residency?
Make sure the facility is accredited by an organization that accredits Comprehensive Orthotic and Prosthetic Patient Care Services and requires a Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) accredited orthotic and prosthetic education for orthotists and prosthetists, in order to participate in the residency program and by NCOPE. If the site is ABC/BOC accredited and not NCOPE accredited, you can encourage them to apply to NCOPE to become a residency site and host you as a resident. You cannot begin a residency until your site is NCOPE accredited.

Residency Requirements

Will NCOPE accept a copy of the O&P certificate, or do they need the original?
A copy is acceptable
I completed my O&P certificate program some time ago and I have not received my certificate from the program. My 30 day mark is approaching; will my start date be delayed?
If your certificate is delayed, don't let that hold you up from registering. Send in all other registration materials so that NCOPE can honor your start date. You will be given a subsequent deadline to get the certificate to NCOPE. This is also true for registration fees. NCOPE will invoice the facility listed on the registration form if the form is submitted without the fee included.
How do I know if transcripts or a certificate needs to be submitted to NCOPE?
It depends on which school you attended. If you received a bachelor's or master's degree in orthotics/prosthetics, then you only need to submit official transcripts from that O&P School. However, if you received a post-baccalaureate certificate in orthotics/prosthetics, then you must submit your official undergraduate transcripts and a copy of your orthotics or prosthetics certificate. If you completed two certificate programs, then you will need to submit a copy of each certificate.
Am I required to re-submit my transcripts for my second residency?
No, this should already be on file with NCOPE. However, for certificate programs, the resident is required to submit a copy of the O&P certificate for the second discipline.
How do I know if NCOPE received an evaluation?
You can generate your NCOPE Resident Status Report online any time. Logging in is simple and easy! To log in, go to the Resident tab in the Directory at the top of the web page and select "Resident Status Report" from drop down menu. Next, use your current email address as your login ID and your 4-digit birth year as your password. If you choose, you can change your password after logging in for the first time. Once you have logged in successfully, initially, you'll see your name and primary contact information we have on file for you. You are welcome to contact our office at any time to update this information by emailing Joan Dallas at . As you scroll further down the page, you will see a link that says “Print Residency” (some residents will see two links). Select this link to view your current status report.
Do I need to turn my Clinical Track activities or Research & Development requirements in to NCOPE to fulfill the requirement?
Residents on the Clinical Track can upload documentation indicating the clinical track choice for the quarter including a summary about the chosen activity in the "My External Documents Section" of Typhon found on the Main Menu Page. This is optional due to the fact that a residency director and or mentor have the ability to attest to a resident completing clinical track activities on the Director/Mentor O/P Quarterly Evaluation of a Resident form in Typhon. Residents on the Research & Development Track are required to complete the NCOPE Directed Study Coversheet and the NCOPE Directed Study Statement Form in Typhon. They must also upload the final directed study to Typhon in the My External Documents Section in Typhon at the conclusion of the residency program. To help you develop a schedule or timeline for your research, NCOPE has posted R & D Guidelines. These are suggested guidelines but not required.
In addition to clinical or research or development requirements, do I have to choose a professional activity?
Yes, all residents, regardless of residency track, must either Give an O & P Awareness Presentation or Volunteer for an O & P Organization, either Humanitarian or Professional. A director and or mentor can attest to and document one of the activities on the quarterly evaluation forms. (Supportive documentation can be uploaded by the resident optionally).
My contact information changed. How do I update it with NCOPE?
Notify NCOPE in writing via email ( or ) or mail with your new contact information. It is very important that NCOPE has accurate contact information so that the resident may be contacted in case of a problem with their residency requirements and receives emails regarding residency information.

Residency Problems

What is the procedure for me to change residency sites midway through my residency?
Notify NCOPE by sending in a Notification of Incomplete Residency Form to Dominique Mungo, Director of Residency Program Services at . When you find a new site, fill out another registration form and send it in to NCOPE within the first two weeks of starting at the new site. Additionally, it is the resident's responsibility to have the director at the first site complete the quarterly evaluations coinciding with time spent at that location, otherwise time will be lost. If you do not notify NCOPE that you've switched residency sites, it could result in a delay in your end date.
I need to place my current residency on hold. How do I do this?
Notify NCOPE in writing via letter or email that you are putting your residency on hold at . Specify the reason, residency time completed and a timeline of when you expect to resume the residency. When you resume the residency, you must inform NCOPE of your return. The residency manager or the residency program assistant will adjust your end date based on time and evaluations completed up until your residency was placed on hold. You will receive this information in writing from NCOPE via email or by letter.

Certification Requirements

Can I submit my certification exam application before the end of my residency?
To pursue ABC Practitioner Certification: You may submit the ABC exam application prior to the completion of your residency. The application must be submitted by the application deadline for your desired exam cycle. Your residency must be completed prior to the residency deadline for that chosen exam cycle. See the ABC website for specific exam information and deadlines.
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