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Resident Responsibilities

NCOPE Residents have specific responsibilities, which are identified in the Standards of Accreditation for the Orthotic/Prosthetic Residency Program (PDF). The resident assumes these responsibilities which include the following during the period of their residency:

Register with NCOPE as a resident prior to the start of the residency program. (Registering at least 2 weeks to 30 days in advance is recommended). All registration materials must be included with the registration form. These materials include:

  • Sealed official transcripts from the college or university which conferred your undergraduate or graduate degree

Transcripts can be sent directly to NCOPE from the school, but must be received within 60 days of beginning your residency

  • Copy of certificate of completion from CAAHEP accredited post-baccalaureate program (if applicable).

If you earned a Bachelor's degree or higher in O & P from a CAAHEP accredited degree program, provide a set of sealed official transcripts to NCOPE.

  • Registration Fee of $1500 dollars (12-month single discipline residency)
  • Registration Fee of $3000 dollars (18-month dual discipline residency)

NCOPE accepts payment by check, money order or by credit card. Please note that credit card payments will be assessed a convenience fee to the total amount due. $41.25 will be added to the $1500 dollar 12-month single discipline residency registration fee and $82.50 will be added to the $3,000 dollar 18-month dual discipline residency registration fee. Payment in full is expected at the time of registration; NCOPE does not offer a payment plan.

  • Clinical hours must be complete prior to the start of a resident's program.

If your education program has you document back the clinical hours (250) prior to the award of your certificate, your residency will not start until after those hours are complete. This applies to a single discipline 12-month residency, or 18-month dual residency

  • The resident must complete one residency prior to beginning an additional residency (this only applies to 12-month single discipline residency)

A site must be accredited with NCOPE for an 18-month O & P residency program in order to register a resident for this residency

  • The resident must participate in patient care, under supervision, commensurate with his/her level of advancement and responsibility and adhere to policies and procedures of the residency site (reference Standard 5.2)
  • The resident must adhere to ABC's Code of Professional Responsibility
  • The resident must maintain their procedure log online using NCOPE's current residency tracking system (i.e., Typhon Group)
  • Submit quarterly requirements and other forms to NCOPE within 2 weeks but no later than 30 days of the completion of that particular quarter in the electronic residency tracking system.
  • The program must be evaluated by the resident quarterly using the evaluation form titled Resident's Quarterly Evaluation of Residency.
  • Submit the final resident's evaluation of the residency program and final research project (if Research & Development Track) at the conclusion of the residency program.

It is the responsibility of the resident and resident director/mentor, to assure that NCOPE has received evaluation forms. However, the resident is responsible for making sure NCOPE receives his or her own registration form

All requirements, including any outstanding payments, must be submitted to NCOPE before you will be eligible to take certification exams

In the event a residency is terminated prematurely or placed on hold, the resident must notify Dominique Mungo, Director of Residency Program Services, to obtain and submit a Resident Notification of Incomplete Residency Form and a Resident's Evaluation of Residency Form. NCOPE will also review the resident's Patient log utilizing the electronic residency tracking system.

  • At the conclusion of the residency, the resident must submit the Resident's Final Evaluation of Residency Form
  • If resident has chosen Research & Development track, submission of completed directed study research is required at the conclusion of the residency by uploading it as an external document to the electronic residency tracking system
  • If the resident has chosen Clinical track, quarterly submissions documenting activity must be uploaded quarterly as an external document utilizing the electronic residency tracking system to receive credit

Clinical Track Residency Guidelines

Research and Development Guidelines

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